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Burbank basketball's Woods earns All-CIF first-team accolade

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Brand Library puts 'Man Made' art on display


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  • Mailbag: Election had too few voters

    Re: "Campaign war chests opened," and "4 council hopefuls head to runoffs," March 4. The real question to be asked about the $400 in unsolicited donations from real estate developer Michael Cusumano to Burbank City Council candidates David Gordon and Juan Guillen isn't why the candidates accepted...

  • Op-Ed: Fairness is key to small business success

    Op-Ed: Fairness is key to small business success

    When I walk, drive or ride my bike down the street, whether here at home or in Sacramento, I love to observe the character of the surrounding neighborhood, taking note of what gives the area its unique flavor. Certainly it starts with the people. Here in the 43rd District we have a wonderfully...

  • Mailbag: After wall, there will be jobs to do

    There is one viable solution for business owners who lose their undocumented workers. If Trump's voters are constantly kvetching and complaining that "illegals" are stealing jobs from citizens, business owners need to look to the Trump voters who want their jobs back and hire those people to work...

  • Mailbag: Voters don't seem too concerned

    Regarding the Burbank City Council election, terms like "ignoring legitimate concerns of residents" and "misguided policies that promote overdevelopment," as well as questioning ongoing trust in the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority again permeate the 2017 election cycle. Just as they...


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